Programmer at Large progress report

This is a very short post to cheat on my Beeminder goal for programmer at large (it just says I have to post under the tag! They don’t have to be chapters! I feel like obeying the letter of the law that is designed to achieve a particular social effect is entirely in the spirit of the story so I don’t feel at all bad about this. OK. Maybe a little bad).

But I’m also going to use it to just put a quick note here on why there hasn’t been much programmer at large recently.

Short version: I’ve been finding it hard to work on programmer at large because the story has ended up going in a direction I didn’t really intend it to. I don’t dislike the direction per se, but it doesn’t quite work for me as an author. This combined with the fact that I’ve had a lot going on recently means that I just haven’t been able to get into the right head space to write it.

I’m not formally putting it on hiatus because “on hiatus” is another word for dead as far as web serials and the like are concerned. I do intend to finish it, but it will probably be a relatively abbreviated finish where I wrap it up in probably no more than another two or three chapters.

I think the primary thing I have learned from writing this serial is that I don’t like writing web serials. I will probably either stick to more self-contained stories in future or write a much larger amount before I start publishing.

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