Weekly reading post #1

I’m going to be posting one of these every Sunday. It’s a catalogue of what I’ve been reading recently, any new books I’ve acquired or been gifted, etc.

Recent Reading

A statistical estimate of what I’ve spent time reading this week (0.4 hours – i.e. 24 minutes – is the smallest unit of granularity for the estimator):

New books

I’ve had five(!) new books gifted to me from the wish list recently.

These are:

Thanks hugely to all of you, and especially to Thomas for getting me three books at once!

I think I failed to mention this before, but I’m putting these on a goodreads shelf and reviewing them as I read them. Of the above I’ve given up on Militant Anti-Fascism (it’s not at all what I was expecting, and not in a good way), but I really enjoyed Utopia for Realists and the final quarter of Boyd would have to take a serious turn for the weird and worse for me to not also be able to recommend that. The others I’ve not yet started on.

Book Triaging

I’ve done a big sort out of my book collection into books I am likely to reread (or have too much sentimental attachment to even if I don’t) and books that realistically in the unlikely event that I want to reread them I can just buy them again. The latter are available for give away. In person delivery only for now, but if I’m likely to see you and you’d like me to bring you a book from the list, let me know.

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