A random sample of what I read last week

I use a stochastic time tracking system to track, among other things, the amount of time I spend reading non-fiction (defined as “Any book, essay or paper which is neither fictional nor about a fictional work”.  Comments, social media, documentation and contracts are explicitly excluded). I thought it might be interesting to actually note down what I’m reading when it pings. I thought the results were interesting, so I’m going to share them here.

Warning: This is literally a random sampling, weighted only by time. These are only recommendations in that they’re the things that I found worth spending long enough to get a ping on, but that has high variability – some of these I only really read for 5 minutes but that happened to be when tagtime pinged.

Also, note: I changed the units from 0.5 hours to 0.4 hours yesterday, so some of these are funny multiples compared to others.

So that’s 5.3 stochastic hours reading books and 3.8 reading essays/blog posts/whatever.

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