Buy me books, redux

You remember when I asked Hypothesis users to buy me books?

Well, that turned out to be a great idea! I’ve got a bunch of books out of it. I’m reviewing them as they arrive over on goodreads.

But now I’ve decided to get greedy. I’m currently trying to read a ridiculous amount of nonfiction, so my Beeminder goal for nonfiction reading time is currently set to 8 hours a week. i.e. about 2-5 books a week (yeah, really: 900 words per minute * 60 * 8 = 432000. 100k is a medium to longish book. The lower limit is mostly because 900 wpm is really my sprinting speed and I read a bit slower on heavy non-fiction anyway).

It doesn’t have to be books. A lot of that comes from the web. But the easiest way of getting that much reading time in is books, and it’s also probably the most beneficial.

Which means I need  source of books to feed into my all consuming maw of information gobbling.

I can do this by buying books of course, but as per my recent post my finances are in a somewhat uncertain state right now. I’m not concerned about my finances, but I probaby shouldn’t be spending £100-£200 on books per month (I’m not, but I’d like to and I shouldn’t).

Which brings me to you, my loyal readers.

I figure if people are willing to buy me books as thanks for Hypothesis, some of you might be willing to buy me books as thanks for somewhere in the region of 10 years of ridiculously prolific blogging. I feed you nonfiction, you feed me nonfiction. Seems reasonable, right?

Obviously you don’t have to do this. Don’t even feel like you should do this.

But if you’d like to, either to say thanks for this blog or for something else, please do! Head over to my, now greatly expanded, Amazon wishlist and find something on it you think you’d like me to read.

Things to note:

  • Feel free to buy used copies. That’s a thing that you can absolutely do with the wishlist system, and as long as it is readable I am not fussy. Some of the books on this list are quite expensive and I don’t want people to buy me an £80 book when there’s a perfectly good second hand version going for £5.
  • Neither of us will see the other’s address by doing this.
  • I’m going to thank you publicly, so if you don’t want me to do that say so in the note!
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