Hypothesis 1.7.2 is out

I’ve just released Hypothesis 1.7.2. It’s quite a small diff against 1.7.1, but there were some significant bugs in there that I thought it was worth pushing out a fix sooner rather than later. Most of these have been in there for a while, so you might want to upgrade, but if you’re not currently seeing any weird behaviour you’re probably not being affected by them.

  • When using floats() with stale data in the database you could sometimes get values in your tests that did not respect min_value or max_value.
  • When getting a Flaky error from an unreliable test it would have incorrectly displayed the example that caused it.
  • 2.6 dependency on backports was incorrectly specified. This would only have caused you problems if you were building a universal wheel from Hypothesis, which is not how Hypothesis ships, so unless you’re explicitly building wheels for your dependencies and support Python 2.6 plus a later version of Python this probably would never have affected you.
  • If you use flatmap in a way that the strategy on the right hand side depends sensitively on the left hand side you may have occasionally seen Flaky errors caused by producing unreliable examples when minimizing a bug. This use case may still be somewhat fraught to be honest. This code is due a major rearchitecture for 1.8, but in the meantime this release fixes the only source of this error that I’m aware of.
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