Stargate physics 101

This is a piece of actual Stargate fan fiction I wrote (as opposed to the previous pieces which just sketched some things out). However some testing on a focus group (my flatmates), it appears to be perfectly comprehensible and entertaining if you’ve never seen the series. You’ll miss a bunch of the in jokes, but there are enough out jokes for you to get. Because what it actually is is a sci-fi comedy about software testing.

The main things you need to know from the series are:

  1. The system described is in use as the still functioning artefacts of a lost civilisation millions of years later.
  2. The majority of the ridiculous behaviours described are both still present at that time and believed to be fundamental features of wormhole physics.
  3. About half of the scenarios described occur at some point in the series.

Note: The story used to be here, but has now moved to AO3. Go read it there.

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