I should edit more

As may be obvious, my blog is only very lightly edited. The normal course of writing a blog post is that I sit down, spew out one or two thousand words that I’ve mostly already vaguely sorted in my head, do a quick once over for anything that is obviously terrible and click publish.

I’m going to experiment with holding back drafts a bit longer and editing them some more, but there’s still this large backlog of pieces that I’ve written that could really use some more love.

So I’m starting a parallel project to this blog: The book of DRMacIver (It will almost certainly never become an actual book).

It’s basically a collection of essays from this blog that I like which I’ll be editing over time to try to raise them to a higher standard of quality. Some of them will be verbatim copies of blog posts, some of them will be essays I’ve extracted (there are a few blog posts which are clearly several smaller blog posts trying to get out), some might be mergers of various posts. We’ll see. New content will continue to be published to this blog first, but updated versions will start to appear over there.

Apologies for the styling. Visual design and CSS are not numbered amongst my skills. I may make an attempt at improving that too, but no promises.

Also, if you want to follow along with the edits, it’s just a publicly available git repository.

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