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As promised, I’m now making data dumps of The Right Tool available. You can download them here. The data there will be updated daily.

This contains all the statements and languages (including ones which I’ve since removed from the site), and all rankings of them with an identifier to distinguish users. It doesn’t contain any of the calculated data (’cause there’s a lot of it. I may open source some of the calculation code later, but in the meantime ask me if you want to reproduce the results).

I’m releasing all of this under a “let me know if you do anything cool with it” license. :-) Basically, it’s yours to play with as you see fit, but if anything interesting emerges out of it I really would like to hear about it!

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3 thoughts on “The Right Data

  1. david Post author

    At the moment, no.

    There aren’t any plans to open source the entire app, but I definitely do want to open source the ranking code at some point (or at least substantial parts of it). Right now it’s not really in a state where anyone would actually want it – it’s not terribly efficient and it’s very intertwined with the application datamodel.

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