planet scala now on github

We were talking in #scala about how there was a bunch of infrastructure work I’m supposed to do on Planet Scala but probably never will. They’re basically all to do with the web frontend aspect of it – a logo, a bunch of style oddities, etc.

Thing is, I really don’t care about the web frontend. As far as I’m concerned, planet scala is a feed aggregator that happens to have a web page. I’m not going to take it away or anything – clearly a lot of people like to use it – but it rather discourages me from putting a lot of effort into it. Additionally, I hate doing web development. So there’s not much chance of me actually ever making the web frontend great.

What I really need is someone else to do it for me. Someone who actually cares about the web page, is good at it and has the time to work on it.

If only there were some way of getting a distributed group of programmers with disparate interests to collaborate on a project…

So, planet scala is now available for you to hack on. Feel free to have a play, see if you can get yourself happy with the results, then see if you can get me happy with them so I merge them in to the main planet scala.

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