Open sourcing Pearson’s Correlation calculations

As you might recall, I did some articles on calculating Pearson’s in SQL.

It turns out that this is a hilariously bad idea. The performance you get for it is terrible when the numbers get large. Switching to PostgreSQL seemed to help a bit here, but even then the numbers are not great (and we still aren’t planning on a port to PostgreSQL anyway). So we needed to find a better solution. Doing it in memory would be fast, but it would just fall over on a large dataset.

Anyway, after some tinkering around I came up with a slightly unholy solution. It’s a mix of bash, awk, standard unix tools and Java (the Java parts may be rewritten in something else later). The design is such that much of the heavy lifting is offloaded to sort, which is offline so doesn’t need to load the whole dataset into memory, and processes things in a line oriented manner. This lets it get by with a very reasonable memory usage and, in my fairly informal tests, to perform about 50 times faster than the SQL version.

We’re releasing the code under a BSD license and making it available on github. It’s in a bit of a rough state at the moment, but is usable as is.

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